WIP – Q*bert clone

I have recently been working on a Q*bert style game, featuring my favourite character ‘Joe’. Joe was (is?) a forum member over at socoder.net, who inspired this character (not created by me) in a small game contest.

Anyway, as part of this game creation, I wanted to create a new screen mode for the Pokitto. One which would allow me to use more than one bit-depth and resolution at a time. The Pokitto does not have enough free RAM to create a full screen buffer, so compromises need to be made, such as using a much lower bit-depth and a lower resolution. I won’t go into the details here, but the screen mode I have created allows either of the following screens to be used –

110×88 8bpp (256 colours)

220×88 4bpp (16 colours)

110×176 2bpp (4 colours)

This is possible because they all have the same size buffer.


Anyway, back to the game….

I have never attempted a Q*bert game before (yes I know), So no I’m trying it.

Currently I have basic movement working for the player with a simple out of bounds detection that resets the game.

I have also added the first enemy, a ball which bounced down the pyramid and respawns once it drops off the bottom.


It isn’t 100% clear in those images, but the gameplay screen uses 110×176 16 colour ‘widepixels’ however the text at the top and bottom of the screen uses 220×176 4 colour regular sized pixels.