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For some reason a few days ago, I got all nostalgic about the automatic degauss button that old CRT monitors used to have.

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What is Degaussing?

Lets just borrow some text from wikipedia

Until recently, the most common use of degaussing was in CRT-based color TV sets and color computer monitors. For example, many monitors use a metal plate near the front of the tube to guide the electron beams from the back. This plate, the shadow mask, can pick up strong external fields and from that point produce discoloration on the display by imparting an undesired deflection to the electron beam.

To minimize this, CRTs have a copper, or often in the case of cheaper appliances, aluminum, coil wrapped around the front of the display, known as the degaussing coil. Monitors without an internal coil can be degaussed using an external handheld version. Internal degaussing coils in CRTs are generally much weaker than external degaussing coils, since a better degaussing coil takes up more space. A degauss causes a magnetic field inside the tube to oscillate rapidly, with decreasing amplitude. This leaves the shadow mask with a small and somewhat randomized field, removing the discoloration.

However, most of us just liked that pressing the magic button on our monitors sent the screen crazy for a couple of seconds. As this is no longer a problem with modern LCD/OLED etc. flat panel screens, I had started to miss the function.

So after a good couple of days on and off, I created this, the worlds first and probably only ‘Monitor menu emulator’. It was going to be a degauss only emulator, but, I got carried away and added some other functions that old monitor settings had back then.